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Delivering Milk

Delivering Milk

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A view in St Cuthbert Street, Catrine. A young boy is being handed a can of milk by Mary Stewart (formerly Lymburner), milk seller. The donkey is called Neddy and carries the milk in pails strapped to his saddle.
Mary was born 31st May 1852, the daughter of Archibald Lymburner, a well known farmer from the 'Heateth' near Auchinleck. She was the second wife of Alexander Stewart of of Waulkmill, Catrine. She died 9th March 1929.

An e-mail in April 2010 from Alistair Lindsay - prompted the following research :-

Lymburner family
Mary was the daughter of Archibald Lymburner and Janet Baird who married on 17th June 1845 in Sorn Parish. Some of their other children were Agnes born 1846 in Auchinleck, Elizabeth (1847) Auchinleck, John (1849) Auchinleck, Isabella Baird (1855) Sorn, Jean (1857) Sorn, James (1859) Sorn, Janet Baird (1864) Sorn and Margaret (1869) Sorn.

In 1881 the family were living at Mid Heateth, Sorn, and Archibald (62) was described as a farmer of 120 acres, born Sorn. Janet (56) was born in Cumnock and their children Agnes (32), John (28), Jeanie (22), Margaret A (11) and Jessie (16) are also listed as well as grandsons Archibald Lithgow (12) and Archibald Lymburner (6).

Archibald Lymburner was born on 28th July 1818 in Sorn Parish the son of John Lymburner and Mary Steel (who married 13th June 1800 in Dundonald Parish) some of the other children of John and Mary were William (1801) Riccarton, Margaret (1802) Riccarton, Mary (1804) Riccarton, Jean (1806) Sorn, Janet (1809) Sorn, Cunningham (1811) Sorn and Agnes (1814) Sorn.

In 1851 the family seem to be in Mid Heateth, Sorn, and John (74) is described as a farmer of 82 acres born Riccarton, his wife Mary (79) was born Kilmaurs and children still at home are Margaret (48) and Janet (38) and granddaughter Mary Findlay aged 7.

Stewart family
Alexander Stewart married Janet Clark in 1864 in Sorn Parish. Some of their children were Jane (1864) Sorn, Alexander (1866) Dalmellington, Gilbert Clark (1868) Sorn, Marion (1870) Sorn, George (1872) Sorn and James (1874) Sorn.

Alexander Stewart married Mary Lymburner in 1881 in Sorn Parish.

In 1881 the family were living at Springhill, Sorn, and Alexander (41) was described as a bower born Old Cumnock. His wife Mary L. (27) was born in Auchinleck and other family members were Jane (16), Alexander (15), Gilbert (12), Marion (10), George (9) and James (6)

Note Cunningham Lymburner married William Herbert on 25th August 1846 - they had George 1846-1922 (born New Cumnock) and John (1851-1856) born Auchinleck.

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