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The Airport at Prestwick dates back to at least the 1930s – and evidence seems now to suggest that aircraft were on or near the site around 1913, a mere 10 years after the Wright Brothers first took to the air.
On the outbreak of World War II, when the Airport was taken over by the RAF, it was capable of accommodating over 100 aircraft. After the war Prestwick was recognised as an International Airport and has been a centre for flights over the Atlantic ever since.
In 1958 the government announced plans for a new terminal building, freight building, runway extension, control tower and loop road around the airport to avoid the main road out of Prestwick towards Monkton passing across the runway! By April 1962 the new control tower had been built and by September 1964, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, officially opened the present terminal building.
Glasgow Prestwick International Airport – as it is now known – is synonymous with the history of Scottish Aviation. Famous for the visit of Elvis Presley in 1960 or as the transatlantic gateway during the 1960’s to 1980’s. However, the airport’s future has never been brighter – with recent low cost flights by budget airlines and a dedicated railway station close by. The foresight in 1964 of the airport architects and planners in designing a facility capable of handling 3 million passengers a year now looks certain to be justified.

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