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Construction in Ayrshire

It is now practically impossible to be sure what the buildings of Ayrshire were like before the 17th century, except in the cases of churches and tower houses. Two exceptions to this are the town of Ayr with Loudoun Hall and Lady Cathcart's House remaining. The ceiling paintings in the Skelmorlie Aisle in Largs give a hint of the character of building in the first half of the 17th century. The paintings depict mainly single-storey, thatched cottages in irregular clusters. Sleizer's view of Ayr (1660s-70s) shows warehouses and houses crowded onto private quays, with a long row of single-storey thatched houses nearer the mouth of the river. This style of single storey thatched house persisted for another 150 years. One example being The Place, in Kilmaurs, a T-plan dwelling built onto the remains of an earlier tower.

The Place in Mauchline, built in 1756, is an example of a characteristic Ayrshire building - the style was to last for the next century. The characteristic features include a substantial two-storey construction, irregulalrly placed windows and a slated roof. Slating was not universal until the early 19th century, when thatching was considered to be a fire hazard, and railways made the transport of building materials easier. Examples of 18th century Ayrshire houses are to be found at Alloway (Burns Cottage), Mauchline (Burns House Museum), and Kirkoswald (Souter Johnnie's Cottage).

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